Crestron Talks IoT and Collaborative Solutions at Microsoft® Worldwide Partner Conference 2015

Posted by Joseph Sarrasin on Jul 17, 2015 3:39:00 PM

Crestron was chosen by Microsoft® to participate at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2015, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando from July 12-16. The WPC welcomed Microsoft partners from around the world and provided the opportunity for partners and customers to learn about the future of the company, hear from industry thought-leaders, attend presentations, and network with top tech executives from all over the world.


Crestron helped kick off the WPC with a pre-show event discussing and demonstrating Microsoft Surface™ Hub with integrated Crestron solutions. With more than two years of collaboration between Microsoft and Crestron, the Surface hub unlocks the power of the group, while Crestron control and automation products, and enterprise AV technologies unlock the full power of the meeting space. With the new .AV Framework™, integrated Surface Hub solutions require no programming and are ready to use right out of the box.


Kor Baydurcan, Crestron’s Director of Software Products and Enterprise Solutions, joined a panel of Microsoft partners, including Linda Morant and Allan Young, to present the best practices for designing solutions that leverage Microsoft Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technology. Throughout the panel, he discussed Crestron Pyng™, the revolutionary home automation app and how IoT changes the way people interact with their residential or commercial settings through dynamic system learning, which shapes to the user’s life style and improves performance while remaining energy efficient.


When it comes to IoT, this isn’t the first time Crestron has been recognized as a thought leader. At the opening keynote during InfoComm 15, CTO of Crestron, Fred Bargetzi, spoke exclusively on the opportunities IoT provides and how connecting, managing, and personalizing network solutions help us interact with our technology and push a business forward.


Meanwhile, at the Microsoft device bar on the showroom floor, both Crestron Pyng and the MC3 3-Series Control System® were displayed. These Crestron solutions leverage IoT and cloud technology and wowed conference goers with intelligent control and automation capabilities, whether in the home or across the enterprise.







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Evan’s Observations: Crestron App Now for Apple Watch™

Posted by Evan Ackmann on Jun 3, 2015 2:24:00 PM


After spending a long weekend with a 38MM stainless steel Apple Watch™, I started off a little skeptical about how a device like this might fit into life, either as a cool gadget, or functional tool. Based off of my personal use of the watch, here is my experience and reaction to wearable technology.  


Crestron Apple Watch Active Web2The initial sync doesn’t make it clear what’s happening, and took about 30 minutes to get all of my relevant data over to the watch.As usual, the packaging was perfect and the watch came about 85 percent charged. When I started the pairing process, I noticed the watch has a “point cloud” floating around on the screen. All you do is point the iPhone® camera at the watch and voila, it’s paired.  Whether or not the point cloud conveys some sort of information to the device, it appears amazing.


The First Hours

The watch is constantly off and it was a little awkward getting used to the gesture to wake it up.  This is especially noticeable when I’m sitting at my desk reading a document and want to see the time. With a regular watch, it’s easy. With the Apple Watch, I have to do some strange wrist gesture to turn the display on. Driving home, I realized that the same motion that I used to turn my car to the right is the gesture that the watch is looking for to turn on, resulting in the watch being on for most my ride home.  It didn’t appear to impact the battery too severely.

The battery is a special concern for me and I can’t help but worry if it will last for a full day.  My first few days of testing this device resulted in using it far more than I normally would.  I recognize my abnormally high use right now, but I still can’t help but monitor the draining battery life. The good news is that the watch charges remarkably fast and I was able to go from about 35 percent to 95 percent in under an hour. 



Unless you cull the list of notifications going to the watch, your wrist will feel like everyone who walks by is tapping it.  Because I went through the effort of picking the things that could get to my wrist, I know it’s something important I want to see quickly; the watch allows me to do that – quick wrist flip, I have an appointment in 15 minutes, wrist down, done.


Crestron and the Watch

This is where we get to what it means for Crestron.  I won’t be hyperbolic and say that our watch solution will define the future of the company, but I would go as far to say, the kinds of things I want to show up on my watch are the kinds of things that will shape the future of our business.  This is an opportunity for us to leverage our technology and make homeowners feel more connected to their homes:

  • It looks like you’re headed home, do you want me to turn the lights on? <Welcome Home!/Dismiss>
  • You left without turning off the AC, should I take care of it? <Do it!/Dismiss>
  • Its bedtime, turn down the heat? <Cool me off/Dismiss>
  • Your son just got home. <Dismiss>
  • The basement light has been on for 3 days. <Turn it off./Dismiss>

Final Notes

Apple® sold millions of these devices and people are going to expect that we do something smart with them so that their watch can have value.  I believe it’s up to us to make devices like this valuable through higher level intelligence that we gather through our technology.  Highly personal devices like the watch are the future of smart homes and connected home-owners.

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THE GREEN LIGHT: LightFair® 2015 Overview

Posted by Claudia Barbiero on May 29, 2015 11:26:00 AM

We at Crestron extend a special thank you to all those who visited and spent time at our booth during LightFair International 2015 in New York City. We had an amazing time meeting everyone and sharing information.  

Throughout the conference, a full curriculum of lighting and design education, from lighting basics to advanced lighting control system designs, was presented. The expo showcased more new and exciting lighting products and technologies than ever before! Many attendees told us they are focused on getting the most out of LED fixtures, such as energy efficiency, proper dimming, and color temperature adjustments. Of course, this led to a lot of questions about how to navigate all the different types of lighting control systems. 

Kizoa slideshow: LIGHTFAIR 15 SLIDESHOW - Slideshow

We know it was a lot to see and learn, so with LightFair all wrapped up, we’d like to share some highlights.  We showcased a game-changing approach to lighting control system design, where all you need to know are the needs of the space, nothing more. No more wading through technical specifications or dealing with complex programming!

This breakthrough solution is Crestron SpaceBuilder and the reaction from attendees was overwhelming!  We demonstrated how SpaceBuilder dramatically reduces the time required to complete each phase of a lighting control project. Attendees were wowed that a lighting control system could be designed so easily, and in the same way that fixtures are specified – for any size space.
Here are just a few of the SpaceBuilder advantages:

  • Quotes and submittals are complete in record time
  • Each system ships complete in one box
  • Pre-programmed for fast commissioning and startup
  • Each space can be networked for seamless integration



We also showed our simple to use online filter  that allows you to select the optimal SpaceBuilder system for your lighting design. These systems were all on display at our booth – here are a few highlighted system video demos from the show floor:

  • GLPYNG: Wireless lighting control system for small and medium spaces that is perfect for retrofit spaces
  • GLDALI: Ideal for medium to large spaces that need flexibility to reconfigure zones, adjust color temperature, or control ambient and task lighting within the same space
  • GLDMX: Ideal for controlling both DMX and architectural lighting scenarios in applications such as lobbies, exteriors, banquet halls, restaurants and entertainment venues. This is also designed for small to medium sized theaters or auditoriums.
  • GLPAC: Ideal for medium sized spaces needing switching and dimming that require expansion modules, touch screens, additional sensors, shade, and AV integration.
Crestron Fusion® Site View
We also unveiled our latest advancement in Crestron Fusion Enterprise Management Software. Site View  provides multi-layered, 360-degree 3D visualization of a building and all the spaces within. You can easily monitor the status of any space and quickly take control if necessary. From a web browser you can:
  • View the entire structure or spaces floor by floor – even adjacent spaces, such as parking lots
  • View based on status, occupancy, lights on or off, and more
  • Pan, rotate, and zoom structures and spaces
  • Take action based on live data collected by Crestron Fusion
  • Take immediate control of spaces  - turn lights on or off, or enable/disable occupancy sensors and photocells
Check out the video of Crestron Fusion Site View from our show, below.

Free Training Course
With the overall success of the Crestron booth at LightFair International 2015, Crestron wants to make LightFair last all year long by providing you with the opportunity to register for a free, two day Specifier Training Course at our headquarters in Rockleigh, NJ. These courses are given all year long to help you learn how to design lighting control systems quickly and easily. Crestron is always ready to help you design the right control system based on the needs of the space you are designing and luminaires you have selected. Contact to find out how you can get enrolled.

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Crestron App for Apple Watch™: Home Automation at Your Wrist

Posted by Evan Ackmann on May 18, 2015 5:05:00 PM

Crestron Apple Watch Front PR resized 600

Imagine you’ve just finished your typical morning run. As you approach your front steps, you realize you forgot to take your keys with you. What’s worse, you have a mandatory appointment in just 45 minutes. A wave of panic sets in. In that same moment, you remember that you just recently downloaded the Crestron app for your new Apple Watch™, which you’re wearing to track how many calories you burned on your run. Crisis over. You unlock the front door by navigating through your ‘home’ preset and adjust the house settings with ease.

The Crestron app for iPhone® now supports Apple Watch and is currently available in the App Store™. The app helps simplify home automation in many ways and makes forgetting your house keys a stress-free experience. The app provides you with convenience and comfort, giving you:

The best part about the app? Like all your other Crestron solutions, it allows for smooth and easy integration with your Crestron home control system, offering you a flawless, personalized experience, with the ability to monitor and control everything in your home, such as door locks, lights, and temperature.

What makes the Crestron App for Apple Watch different from using the Crestron app on your iPhone or Android™? Instead of having to get out of your seat to grab your phone or search through the couch cushions for your handheld remote, you can do everything from the watch that fits comfortably on your wrist. Easily change TV channels, adjust the volume, and more with the perfect hands-free device right there on your wrist, whenever you need it.

Simplify your life with the Crestron app that now supports Apple Watch, making ’easy’ your only option. Check out a short clip of the new app, below.

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The Green Light - Summer 2014 Edition

Posted by Claudia Barbiero on Jul 30, 2014 5:06:00 PM
The Green Light - Tapping the full potential of LEDs

Table of Contents

  1. Time to Show What We Can Do
  2. Product Highlight - DALI Expansion Modules for Switching and Dimming
  3. Product Highlight - Advanced Occupancy Sensor
  4. Product Highlight - Wireless Daylight Sensor
  5. Product Highlight - Universal Dimming Module
  6. LightFair Quote
  7. Congratulations to the 2014 IESNYC Lumen Award winners!
  8. Crestron Commercial Lighting Controls - Specifiers (CLC-S) Training
  9. Greenbuild® Expo
  10. Resources

Trending Topic

Time to Show What We Can Do

LightFair 2014

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s LightFair in Las Vegas! By all accounts, this year was an especially great conference and exposition.

But we also know that it’s tough to make it to every event in our industry and that you have to pick and choose where you can go – usually based on what you can really get out of it. Believe it or not, manufacturers also have this same quandary. While we exhibit at a lot of lighting shows, conferences and events; sometimes it is just as important for us to experience the show as attendees. We were lucky to have this opportunity at this year’s Light + Building Expo in Frankfurt, where Crestron was both an exhibitor and an attendee.

LightFair Welcome

This event is by far the largest in our industry – from expansive displays of unique lighting fixtures to integrated building technologies featuring the latest in conservation and energy reduction. There was tremendous interest in the Crestron booth, where we showcased how integrated control systems are invaluable in getting the most out of lighting design and building automation.

Crestron Booth 1  Crestron Booth 2 Crestron Booth 3

But we were also able to experience the show as attendees, taking in nine different halls of lighting innovation from around the world. From the industry’s drive to use renewable resources more efficiently, to the flexibility afforded by open standards, it was clear exhibitors were focused on solutions that leverage integrated and scalable building control solutions. And of course there was a universe of amazing LED fixtures to explore!

LED Fixture Example 1  LED Fixture Example 4

LED Fixture Example 2    LED Fixture Example 3

Artistic use of LED from Light Building 2014 from Crestron Electronics, Inc. on Vimeo.

What I quickly realized as an “attendee” at the show, was that the array of products and different solutions available is really overwhelming. I couldn’t help but ask myself, “how do specifiers sort through all the options available and make sense of it all?” I really took it as my charge to learn what Crestron can do better as an “exhibitor” to make sure attendees walk away knowing why Crestron “makes sense” for them for every application—from technology, to product selection, to specification tools, to world-class support. 

The answer I arrived at is actually pretty simple. We need to be a better partner for lighting specifiers. That means:

  • Provide better education for specifiers: such as with our training coursesand hand's-on demonstrations in our experience centers and showrooms

  • Develop easier tools to navigate the selection and design of lighting control systems such as with Autodesk Revit® or AutoCAD® software 

  • Speed the design of lighting control systems with a professional hotline for all specifier questions - whether all you need is a quick one-line, a full submittal package, or a BOM and quote quickly.

  • Provide comprehensive testing of new LED fixtures to ensure they will dim properly

But the great part of industry events — it isn’t all work! We also got to have some fun in downtown Frankfurt as we checked out many of the Luminale installations. Throughout the city – inside churches, in public spaces, buildings and bridges – light is used as a medium to bring sculptures, installations and demonstrations by artists, architects and designers to life. Our camera was overloaded with images and videos of these “light happenings,” such as this one:

Orkhestra Luminale Day & Night

Luminale light installation from Crestron Electronics, Inc. on Vimeo.

This piece transformed LED lights into something organic and alive. Between the shapes and the movement of light, the interplay of moving color with changing intensity, the experience was not only hypnotic, but also strangely soothing. Seeing inspiring installations such as this helped us realize that our luminaire partners are such a big part of what we do at Crestron. And it’s why we decided to bring working fixtures to our future events to allow attendees to experience what lighting control offers.

This is the thought process that led us to our booth at LightFair this year. While we have many new products that help round out a lighting control solution, we presented them in really easy to understand demonstrations. We grouped products together so that a specifier could quickly see that, while there are many different technologies that could be used in one type of application, the simplest solution is often the best.

Visitors were able to see everything from how to put together a simple switching solution, to the seemingly unlimited ways to group and control open floor plans with DALI. We worked with a variety of fixture partners to ensure that we had unique and appropriate fixtures working live as part of each of our demonstrations. Across the booth, attendees were able to interact with our systems and interfaces on their own—a feature which garnered excellent feedback from all.

Keep reading to see what else we did and learn about the key technologies and products we showcased this year!

LightFair Booth 1 LightFair Booth 2
Simple Switching Solutions LightFair Booth 3 Distributed Solutions

Didn’t make it to LightFair this year? Take a quick tour of our booth.

Product Spotlight

New Product Highlights from LightFair

 LightFair Booth 2014                          

One of our new series of expansion modules that makes DALI systems even more flexible to include a non-DALI load, eliminating the need for long wire runs and large modules just to connect a non DALI load with a distant control source. The series includes models for universal dimming, 3-wire dimming, 0-10V dimming, and switching.   GL-EXP-SW-DALI     
One of two new advanced sensors that deliver accurate and reliable sensing that can be easily set up and adjusted from the floor with an IR remote the perfect accessory for our single or multiple room lighting control systems. Learn more about these sensors and how they make a simple, single room lighting control system even better.    GLS-ODT-C-NS    
Wireless, battery powered photocell that complements our commercial wireless portfolio designed not only to avoid control wires, but also eliminate the need for electrical wires.    GLS-LDL-EX-BATT    
As part of a complete Crestron® lighting system, the 8 channel universal dimmer module, CLX-2DIMU8, provides 8 channels of dimming for both forward and reverse phase type loads.    CLX-2DIMU8    

Read more about our announcements at LightFair

Learn how these products help you meet new code requirements as part of a lighting control system in our Commercial Lighting Control Specifier class or we'll come to you! Schedule a lunch and learn with one of our representatives by calling 855-644-7643.

LightFair Quote

"At Crestron, we understand the design challenges inherent in every project from a basic, single room switching solution to campus-wide integrated energy management and demand response systems. Our goal is to make life easier for lighting specifiers and to help them meet code requirements by providing user-friendly systems that can be easily commissioned and installed."

- Brian Daley, Crestron Vice President Sales, Commercial Lighting

People & Places

Lumen IESNYC 2014 Awards

Congratulations to the 2014 IESNYC Lumen Award winners!

We especially want to congratulate Arup for winning the Lumen Award of Excellence - the highest level of recognition for permanent architectural applications - for their lighting design in the Parrish Art Museum. Crestron technology was used to provide curators with the sophisticated lighting, HVAC and AV controls necessary in each gallery to showcase and preserve the museum's stunning collection of art.

"It's beautiful, simple, well executed and plays against light and dark. It solves the concerns of seeing art in natural light and makes you feel as if you are viewing works of art in an outside setting." 
- Lumen Awards Jury

Read the full story about the lighting integration and see a video tour of the museum

CLC-S Training

Crestron Commercial Lighting Controls – Specifiers (CLC-S) Training

Our revamped 2-day specifier training course makes it even easier to learn what makes Crestron Commercial Lighting Control different and how to start specifying immediately. Based on an application approach, you’ll learn how Crestron products outperform in any situation, from a single room to a fully networked solution. At the end, you’ll walk away with skills and tools you need to start designing your own systems.

We invite all lighting specifiers, lighting designers, architects and electrical engineers to email for more information and to sign up for this course.

Get the brochure with the full agenda and class schedule

Greenbuild Expo

Greenbuild® Expo

Oct. 22 - Oct. 24, 2014
Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, LA
Booth #807

Greenbuild is the premier event for sustainable building. Featuring three exhilarating days of uplifting speakers, unmatched networking opportunities, showcases, LEED workshops and tours of green buildings in New Orleans, Greenbuild offers a place for thousands to gather and renew their commitment to the green movement.

With so much to see and do, you can't miss the excitement and energy of Greenbuild 2014 in New Orleans.

Learn more


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©2014 Crestron Electronics, Inc.

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The Green Light - Tapping the Full Potential of LEDs

Posted by Claudia Barbiero on Dec 12, 2013 4:28:00 PM
The Green Light - Tapping the full potential of LEDs

Table of Contents

  1. Tapping the full potential of LEDs
  2. Introducing GLS-OIR-C-CN, our latest innovation for energy-saving occupancy sensors
  3. Customer Quote
  4. Greenbuild® Expo
  5. Crestron Commercial Lighting Controls - Specifiers (CLC-S) Training
  6. LED Specifier Summit
  7. Strategies in Light 2014
  8. Resources

Trending Topic

Tapping the full potential of LEDs

Tapping the full potential of LEDs

Thanks to their excellent illumination, long life, white light quality, safety, and energy efficiency, most experts agree that LEDs will be the dominant lighting technology moving forward. But, I think designers, architects, and engineers will be surprised to learn how much more LEDs can do for their clients when paired with the right drivers, dimmers, and controls.

  • MORE Energy Savings
    LEDs are infinitely dimmable and controllable, offering even more energy savings. When you utilize dimming and controls, you ensure fixtures emit less heat over time, increasing energy savings and prolonging the lifecycle of LED lamps. 


Great primer of LED Lighting Terminology

  • MORE Intelligent Automation
    When LED controls are integrated with sensing controls, the result is a daylight harvesting solution that automatically optimizes light levels throughout the day with no adverse impact on the comfort of users within a space.

  • MORE Lighting Customization
    More is learned everyday about the science and application of adjusting light sources to enhance people’s moods, improve productivity, regulate Circadian rhythms and more. LEDs provide the unprecedented ability to dynamically adjust the temperature (or color) of the light in a space, significantly enhancing the designer’s ability to tune the mood of a room for different times of day.


What to know about LED dimmers, drivers, and controls
Not all dimmers, drivers, and controls are created equal. Here's a little background on the different components:

New 277V dimmers can provide superior in-wall RF dimming of electronic low voltage, LED, incandescent, and halogen light sources in commercial buildings. With wireless dimmers, you can substantially reduce wiring and related labor costs of traditional wired systems, making them perfect for new and retrofit applications. Using the right dimmers helps fill the increasing demand for wireless and flicker-free LED fixture dimming, as well as traditional incandescent and halogen light fixtures allowing specifiers to deliver integrated dimming solutions in voltage options for every type of load in every type of space in any part of the world.

LED Driver Dimming
LEDs dim down easily using either a current dimming or PWM dimming method.  But, LEDs are extremely ‘fast’ devices. Any disturbance on the dimming line will be seen as flicker or instability.

Ideally, dimming with LEDs provides incandescent-like performance such smoothly dimming down to the lowest spec possible without “steps” or flickers. Dimmers should also allow for color temperature shifts to enhance ambiance and user comfort. 

What is an LED driver and what does it do?
The driver is the “ballast” for an LED system. It transforms the system voltage and the fundamental purpose is to drive the LED array at a specific voltage or current to allow for précised dimming. Proper current/voltage/power is critical for maintaining proper light levels and life of the LED. The driver also regulates power to counter system fluctuations and it allows the isolation of the LED system from the high voltage system to reduce shock hazard and increase safety.

Where is the driver located?
Depending upon the fixture style, a driver may be an integral part of the fixture or mounted nearby or remotely.

Integrated in the light fixture
- Close to the LEDs
- Power wiring to fixture is 120-277 VAC

In the ceiling
Benefit for small fixtures if no space for driver available
- Approx. 10 ft from the LEDs
- Class 2 wiring to the fixture 

All drivers installed on central location of the building
- Max 300 ft from the LEDs
- Class 2 wiring to the fixture
- Easy maintenance of LED drivers 
- Low voltage grid
- DC-DC driver in fixture, and powered from a low voltage grid 

LED Driver Control Technologies
LED drivers should be robust enough to work flawlessly with standard controls in the market to make the design of the lighting system easier. Here are the main technologies to be aware of: 

  • Phase Cut - Typically not available in Commercial LED Drivers
  • 0-10-V - Available, but may have low end cut off at 3-5% depending upon manufacturer

  • DALI - Available, offers best controlability (such as independently controllable channels for white light tuning) and feedback (for power metering and more)

  • DMX - Available, best utilized on color changing performance applications

Crestron controls LEDs
At Crestron, we know a lot about lighting control systems and have worked hard to complement our solutions with a range of best-in-class LED drivers and dimmers to help you get the most out of your investment.

The Crestron LED driver family provides high-power LED lighting with deep dimming to below 1%. Available in 50W and 100W models with DALI® or 0-10-V control, Crestron GLD-LED drivers offer superior, smooth dimming technology using a combination of duty-cycle and current dimming. But there are even greater cost-savings possible with DALI LED drivers. 

DALI models feature added cost-savings for end users and superior design versatility for lighting specifiers. DALI controlled models are available in versions that allow output channels to be independently controlled for multiple LED sources. The 50W DALI models feature two independently controlled outputs. The 100W DALI models feature two sets of two independently controlled outputs.

For fixtures featuring direct and indirect lighting strategies, independent output channel control capability in a single driver reduces the LED driver requirement by half. It also reduces the cost of installation. And, we open the way for the economical delivery of tunable white light applications without resorting to DMX or more costly and proprietary driver module combinations. Finally, because it’s based on the DALI open standard rather than a proprietary system, you’re not tied to any one vendor.

The future is even brighter with LEDs
By specifying the right drivers and controls, you get more reliability, energy savings, and creative possibilities from your LED lighting design, as well as flexibility for the future.

Product Spotlight

Introducing GLS-OIR-C-CN, our latest innovation for energy-saving occupancy sensors


The new GLS-OIR-C-CN is a highly accurate occupancy sensor designed to reduce energy costs and enhance the automation capabilities of Crestron lighting and environmental systems.

Accurate technology
Powered by Passive Infrared (PIR) technology, GLS-OIR-C-CN sensors are not susceptible to vibrations in the environment, reducing false occupancy activations due to nearby foot traffic, HVAC systems, or other local activity.

These new sensors provide the most cost-effective solution for customers to realize the energy-saving benefits of lighting and environmental automation.

Sleek design
At less than 1-inch high when installed, the GLS-OIR-C-CN is one of the thinnest ceiling-mount sensors on the market. It effortlessly blends into any ceiling helping you deliver enhanced automation systems that keep a low-profile.

Point and shoot configuration
Thanks to the available IR Remote, there’s no need for a laptop or programmer to setup and adjust each sensor. Just aim the remote at the GLS-OIR-C-CN to adjust sensitivity for vacancy and occupancy states, timeout, and Cresnet ID.

Advanced occupancy sensing
Our advanced GLS-ODT-C-CN Occupancy Sensor with dual technology is perfect for a wide range of applications, including fine motion detection in large spaces.

Crestron occupancy sensors bring a new layer of intelligent automation to your customers and improve the energy-saving capabilities of any complete energy management solution from Crestron.

Learn more


Customer Quote

“A technique that can greatly reduce lighting power density, is to apply effective lighting design. An example of this deploys layers of light for ambient, accent, and task. Another concept is to light surfaces versus volumes. The most energy efficient light source for accent, task, and surface lighting is LED, with its beam directionality. In addition, dimmability provides designers with greater lighting control options, further reducing energy usage.” 

- Nancy Clanton, PE, FIES, IALD, LC, LEED Fellow, President, Clanton & Associates, Inc.

People & Places

Greenbuild Expo

Greenbuild® Expo

It was really exciting for us to meet so many people at the frontline who are dedicated to sustainable building in their everyday business at Greenbuild. We had some great discussions and really enjoyed learning how many of you are using Crestron as part of your sustainable and energy efficient designs. For those of you that didn’t make it this year, we focused on the importance of a fully integrated building in order to lower operational costs and increase productivity and efficiency for customers. By building on open standards like DALI, Ethernet, and BACnet, Crestron solutions offer customers competitive choices without locking them into costly proprietary systems. We’ll have a full write up next month to share the observations of attendees and visitors to our booth, as well as provide insights from our research and development team on the sessions and seminars.


CLC-S Training

Crestron Commercial Lighting Controls - Specifiers (CLC-S) Training

This 2-day Level I introductory class provides a general overview of the complete line of Crestron Commercial Lighting Control Systems including centralized, distributed, room, building, and enterprise solutions. 

Visit to learn more about CLC-S training.

LED Specifier Summit

LED Specifier Summit

The LED Specifier Summit was a one-day immersion in LED lighting education and solutions. This event is dedicated to educating specifiers about the latest commercial, architectural and decorative LED lighting solutions and we were excited to be a part of it, presenting the latest in LED drivers, controls, and dimming solutions.


Strategies in Light

Strategies in Light 2014

We will be showcasing unique lighting control and light driver technology at Strategies in Light 2014 in Santa Clara, CA. We invite attendees to visit us to experience the latest in DALI and LED technologies from dimming and drivers to integration with daylight harvesting, sensing, and complete building control.



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All brand names, product names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Certain trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. ©2013 Crestron Electronics, Inc.

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The Green Light - Is the world ready for wireless?

Posted by Claudia Barbiero on Sep 23, 2013 10:03:00 AM
The Green Light - Are we ready for Wireless?

Table of Contents

  1. Is the world ready for a completely wireless lighting control system?
  2. New Cameo® infiNET EX 277V wireless lighting dimmers and switches
  3. New wireless battery-powered occupancy sensor
  4. Crestron provides integrated wireless guest experience at Revel®
  5. The LED Show
  6. LightShow West
  7. Greenbuild® Expo
  8. Crestron Commercial Lighting Controls – Specifiers (CLC-S) Training
  9. Resources

Trending Topic

Is the world ready for a completely wireless lighting control system?

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The recent launch of our 277V wireless wall box dimmer and switches, wireless GLPP room controller, and wireless sensors has compelled us to look back at the history of our wireless control solutions.

When we initiated our infiNET EX product line of wireless wall box dimmers, switches, and thermostats seven years ago, they were intended to be retrofit residential products. We never even considered a completely wireless commercial building, at that time. Even considering the obvious benefits – reduced costs of wiring and labor, simplified growth strategy, flexibility, and “retrofitability” – most commercial lighting professionals feel that wired systems are best for complex facilities because wireless just isn’t as reliable. But is that true still?

Over the last few years we’ve gained a great deal of knowledge about wireless networks and how to get them to perform consistently – and with the same reliable operation and performance that customers expect from wired systems. We used our experience to build a better protocol so that we could control the performance of our network. This protocol, infiNET EX, is a mesh-based, 2.4 GHz network that automatically reconfigures to optimize performance. It actually becomes more reliable as more devices are added to the network.

But there were still challenges to overcome. With advances in technology and good old engineering, we’ve solved them. For example, on some wireless (and wired) systems, you can have an issue with multiple-light installations where each fixture’s response can be subject to lags. As a result, they don’t all respond simultaneously (with the same light level) when commanded to do so. This “popcorning” is the unintended consequence of a network that has failed to be managed for performance.

Another challenge was how to get acceptable lifetime from battery-powered devices. This has been improved with advances in technology, along with semiconductors that boast higher efficiency. We’ve taken it further with excellent power management schemes and with support of different levels of battery powered and “sleepy” devices. We can now get up to 10 years of life for a battery occupancy sensor.

Taking wireless even further, we’ve shared our technology with specific third-party partners to build and supply devices on our wireless network. Crestron Connected™ products, such as door locks, mini bars, and MUR/DND panels now natively communicate on Crestron infiNET EX.

All of these advances have fostered a much more open-minded reception to wireless solutions in commercial spaces. Facility managers are starting to not only take notice, but install completely wireless solutions in their buildings. In fact, Crestron customers have completed installations with literally tens of thousands of devices in one building.

So, is the world ready for a completely wireless lighting control system? The answer, with Crestron, is yes. We bring a rich set of wireless devices that are engineered to work together and perform better than any other set of products on the market. The portfolio includes wireless lighting controls, shade controls, climate controls, sensors, and human interface devices. Read more about the latest additions to our wireless solutions in this issue of The Green Light.

Product Spotlight

New Cameo infiNET EX  277V wireless lighting dimmers and switches

   New Cameo® InfiNET EX® 277V wireless lighting dimmers and switches                         

We recently announced the availability of 277V-rated wallbox wireless dimmers and switches. These wireless dimmers substantially reduce wiring and related labor costs and ensure steadfast performance in even the most extreme RF environments. The CLW-DELVEX model also provides superior in-wall RF dimming of electronic low voltage, LED, incandescent, and halogen light sources.

Due to their energy saving and long-life benefits, LED lighting is the fastest growing lighting technology on the market today. As part of a complete Crestron lighting control solution, CLW-DELVEX dimmers meet the increasing demand for wireless and flicker-free LED fixture dimming, as well as traditional incandescent and halogen light fixtures. CLW-DELV dimmers complement and round out our existing infiNET EX line and allow specifiers to deliver integrated dimming solutions in voltage options for every type of load in every type of space in any part of the world.


New wireless battery-powered occupancy sensor

New wireless battery-powered occupancy sensor

Crestron Green Light® sensors deliver a powerful and cost-effective solution for reducing energy costs and enhancing the functionality of lighting and environmental systems. The recent addition to the line is the GLS-OIR-CSM-EX-BATT battery-powered wireless occupancy sensor. This low-profile sensor is ideal for spaces that are especially difficult to wire and delivers an easy solution for small areas up to 500 square feet.

The GLS-OIR-CSM-EX-BATT wireless sensor uses passive infrared technology to achieve dependable motion detection with superior immunity to false triggering from air currents, inanimate objects, or movement in an adjacent corridor. It is designed to achieve a discreet, nearly hidden appearance when installed on a typical drywall or drop-tile ceiling. With fast and simple mounting hardware and wireless technology, this sensor eliminates the need to homerun wires to every room in order to get sensors in and delivers 10-years of battery life.


Customer Success Stories

Crestron provides integrated wireless guest experience at Revel®

Crestron provides integrated wireless guest experience at Revel

  • Thousands of independent infiNET EX networks working concurrently in one building

  • Over 20,000 wireless devices

  • Wireless network supports 3rd-party devices, such as the mini-bar, door locks, and DND/MUR displays

  • 1,898 guest rooms, conference rooms, more than 12 restaurants and bars, lobbies, and employee lounges

  • Over $2 million in savings over the cost of installing separate, disparate systems

  • Enabled on-going energy efficiencies and cost savings

  • Integrated a variety of systems to enable a complete energy management solution


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People & Places

The LED Show

The LED Show

It was exciting to meet with all of the lighting designers and specifiers at the LED Show in Las Vegas. It gave us the opportunity to talk to you about our new LED lighting and DALI® controls. Everyone that stopped by had great questions and feedback about our lighting solutions. We look forward to more dialogue!


LightShow West

LightShow West

Crestron will be participating in LightShow West at the Los Angeles Convention Center, October 23-24. LightShow West is the only trade show and conference specifically created for West Coast specifiers of commercial, architectural, and high-design lighting products. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Greenbuild Expo®



® Expo

Crestron will once again participate in Greenbuild Expo, taking place this year at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia November 20-22. Greenbuild brings together industry leaders, experts, and frontline professionals dedicated to sustainable building in their everyday work.

Visit us at booth #3813


CLC-S Training

Crestron Commercial Lighting Controls – Specifiers (CLC-S) Training

This 2-day Level I introductory class provides a general overview of the complete line of Crestron Commercial Lighting Control Systems including centralized, distributed, room, building, and enterprise solutions.

Visit to learn more about CLC-S training.



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Making the intercom part of the modern home

Posted by Jeffrey Mack on Apr 17, 2013 12:22:00 PM


The idea of an intercom system for your home is nothing new. However, as your home’s wiring and infrastructure transitions to digital, your intercom system can be used in ways it couldn’t before.

Crestron RAVA™ helps usher the intercom into the future. It allows you to leverage your IP wiring (CAT5e) to create a whole-home communication system that ties in seamlessly with your Crestron control solution and other non-Crestron technology.

So what is RAVA and what can it do?

RAVA is a plug and play VOIP-based hardware/software solution we've developed that allows you to transform select Crestron touch screens and remote controls into fully-functioning intercom communication points. With RAVA, as long as the touch screens and remotes are on your home's local area network (LAN), delivering point-to-point communication between any or all of the devices without a third-party switcher is a breeze. RAVA even features full duplex, which means that the communicating parties can both listen and speak to each other without the need to press and hold buttons.

RAVA can also be used to incorporate other non-Crestron technology into the intercom system, such as digital or analog door stations (think fancy doorbells), and SIP telephony systems from Cisco®, Mitel®, Panasonic®, 3CX®, and others.

The RAVA intercom is an invaluable and effortless addition to the modern home. Just imagine being able to use your Crestron touch screen to alert the family that dinner is ready, or using your Crestron remote control as a baby monitor.

How would you use RAVA?

Learn more about RAVA at

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