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Our Prodigy, Ourselves 

Crestron Prodigy Webinars Thursday March 17th 

Crestron is offering a free webinar on the 2011 Updates to Prodigy  featuring Core 3 technology and the PMC3-XP processor.  Learn about the (re) birth of control system cool

Webinars are scheduled for: 

The seminar is open to all Crestron partners and potential dealers. Space is limited, so we suggest you register now. 

If you are going to tweet during the the webinar we suggest using #CrestronProdigy  hashtag. 




Wishlist Toys for Big Girls and Boy

Crestron offers 30 day trial install of Prodigy System, through participating, authorized Crestron dealers.

Is a real home theatre automation system on your holiday wish list?  Do you look at a Crestron catalog like a child pouring over a Sears wishbook?

Have you finally had it with fumbling between three, four or even five(!) remotes just to watch the game? 

How would you like to clear the clutter of remotes from your coffee table for something more important, like Popcorn?  

You’ve dreamed of having a Crestron system in your home but were concerned that  a real home automation system would be to complicated or was just out of reach for your budget.

Crestron would like you to test drive a Prodigy system in your home for 30 days - Yeah, 30 days.  Experience the power of a Crestron system in your own home  and see just how easy and affordable it is to control your Cable, DVR, TV and lights. 

A Crestron dealer will make an appointment at your convenience to do a site survey, and install the system, on the same day.

Installation is simple with no need to run wires or cut holes in your walls.  If you decide to keep the system, expansion can happen at any time or build as you go.


Contact us at to be connected with a dealer in your area.


Update: December 17th

CEPro has a great article and case study on this. 







Day 3 of the CEDIA show is upon us.

The booth was packed again yesterday; in fact the entire show appeared to brimming with new people and a heightened energy as well. The  SONNEX™ display and the Interwave radio products had a constant crowd of attendees 4 rows deep  and the Prodigy booth was packed to capcity all day long, yet again!

The day capped off with the presentation of the Crestron Integration Awards which were attended by a standing room only crowd!  This year’s winners are posted on the Crestron website –here, in addition  we have posted photos of the award recipients with George Feldstein on our flickr account, feel free to download them and post on your blog -(and let us know if you do). Congratulations everyone!

And Tonight we will be attending the CEDIA Manufacturer Awards at Georgia World Congress Center Thomas B. Murphy Ballroom - Building B at 7:30pm.

The doors open shortly so it’s lets talk about the ADMS.

ADMS™ brings the universe of content to your TV
Once upon a time it was easy to find and keep track of your music, movies and tv shows. Your collection of music and movies was limited to the space available to store it and network television had set schedules; working late or were caught in traffic? Sorry, buddy you’ve lost out. Now we can store hundreds of movies and thousands of songs on hard drives the size of a deck of cards. Online you can find millions more movies, clips and songs. Whether you are watching short videos on YouTube or feature films on Hulu and Netflix your choices are astounding.  You want to watch your movie or listen to an album not spend half a day finding it.

How do you solve this dilemma? Out there, on the internet, on your computer and on your DVD’s are the shows and entertainment you know interests you, yet the time and ability to get them is limited.  It is possible to spend hours online cataloging all the sites and search results, but there is a better way.  The Crestron ADMS helps you to aggregate and coordinate the shows, music and media you want to watch, even live TV.

Easy and graphically driven menus on your television screen help you to find, note and enjoy the media you want. For example, let’s say that  today you really have a hankering for watching Harrison Ford movies.  Simply type in Mr. Fords name and the ADMS finds all the content available in your DVD collection, on Hulu, Netfix and even the home movie your kids made acting out the Han shot first scene from Star Wars.  You can even dim the lights from the same on-screen menu. Pretty cool, huh?

The ADMS is about more than just content it also outputs a high quality, high definition signal with full 7.1 surround sound. Experience your music and movies in the full, rich theater like environment they were intended. Content search simplicity and high definition video and sound make the ADMS the perfect addition to any home theater or media room.  

Considering all the features we have discussed, you might expext  to find the ADMS in only the most expensive and large scale systems. Well, you would be mistaken. Announced this week during CEDIA the ADMS is now available for the affordable Prodigy®  Crestron Home OS. Now everyone can have the power and simplicity of a Crestron media server.

The ADMS provides you with the power to see what you want, whatever that might be.


CEDIA Day 1 

The attendees have burst in through the doors for a first look at the amazing new technology lifestyle products in our full 9000 sq ft booth!  There is a LOT to see so, to help make sure you won’t miss a thing, or if you cannot make it here, each day of the show we’ll feature an overview of some of the products and solutions Crestron is offering.

First off we have Prodigy®
Crestron Booth Day 1 CEDIA 2010Exciting things are happening in the world of Prodigy. Firstly with Prodigy the essential interfaces – a touch screen, iPhone, and lighting control were always available. Its good but it was only a start. Wouldn’t be nice to add a centralized lighting or even a 24” VPanel?  Now you can with the new Prodigy controller any Crestron device can be added.  This is so cool!

Prodigy is also  gaining new sleek interfaces – a wireless panel, a wall mount and handheld remote, iPad™ and even Android™ based devices, giving you a broader range of control options.

Prodigy has always had great audio distribution but, that is only half the story.  Now, you can watch television, YouTube, Hulu and rent streaming videos from Netflix, with the ADMS system – an entire universe of entertainment and online content is now at your fingertips. However, we know that our lives aren’t limited to just one room     we know you watch the news in the kitchen every morning or in bed catching up at the end of the evening.  Prodigy can do that too with the addition of distributed video, and it even has a DigitalMedia input!

Prodigy is not just an affordable home controller; it is a complete whole house entertainment and automation system. Compare prodigy to less open systems at twice the price. Wait, there is no comparison – Prodigy stands alone. 

Crestron Mobile Apps
Only Crestron has a truly open platform that keeps you connected. All the other companies are proprietary to a single standard, whether they are running Windows, Apple or Android – they can only connect you to that one OS. Why would you want a control system that limits you? With Crestron, the possibilities are endless – Windows, Apple and Android ALL run on the Crestron OS.

We don’t believe in limiting you to specific devices, or a specific OS, we’ve designed our platform to be open – to support devices that fit you, your lifestyle, your wants, your needs. At Crestron we believe that everyone should be able to connect and access their control system from anything and anywhere. Our open OS gives you the ability to control your home from an iPad™ and touchpanel, iPhone® and Droid X®, Mac and Pc, Flash™ and HTML5. We are the only company that does that.

Whether you choose Prodigy, Adagio, or our larger control solutions the possibilities are limitless. The control is all yours.

Learn more on our Mobile Pro and Mobile Pro G apps.

8G Presentation Day 1 of CEDIA 2010The digital age is here and analog devices are going away. The fact is, every device you purchase today has fewer and fewer analog outputs and those don’t deliver HD. From your Blu-ray players to your media content servers the only way to get HD is from the HDMI connections. This makes it simple, just plug and your done, right? Unfortunately no, but Crestron DigitalMedia can solve this

Crestron is not new to HD distribution; we have been developing a solution starting back 6 years in anticipation. Now Crestron introduces DigitalMedia 8G the fastest, most powerful AV network providing a true one-wire solution for transporting high-definition video, audio, and Ethernet; yup, one DM 8G shielded twisted pair cable wire. Why trust your media to anyone else? Only Crestron has the technology, experience and certified dealers to get the job done right.

Enjoy the show-  Be sure to check back here and on the Crestron YouTube page for demos and live updates  Also check out the Crestron Flickr photostream for constant updates from the show.