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Testimonials on the Crestron DigitalMedia and Sonnex product lines 

Here at Crestron we think that our products are the best, we take a lot of pride in engineering, designing, supporting and manufacturing Integrated solutions right in in New Jersey. 

We can rap rhapsodic but when it comes from you, well that is the highest praise.  We recently received two testimonials on DigitalMedia and Sonnex, we are proud to present them here.

Do you feel strongly enough to record a testimonial?  We want to hear from you! Post a link here in the comments section and show off you install, cleaner equipment rooms, more time for the cafe. 

Kirk Griffes, Blue Water Technology installed a Crestron DM system at Davenport University to integrate all the technology in the classrooms, auditorium and boardroom. Hear what he has to say about DM. Brian Miller, VP of IT Service & CIO of Davenport University and Brent Bean, IT Manager at Davenport tell their story, and how DM is helping them stay on the cutting edge of technology today and well into the future.


Easton Altree, E Cubed in Portland, Oregon talks about his first Sonnex installation. He says it's easy to install; makes audio bridging easy; delivers greater performance for less money.





She Said YES! A Very Crestron Proposal 

Marriage proposal made via Crestron distribution system and touch panel 

We found this video today that intrigued and made us smile.  Really smile wide.
Ilya Kandibur of Superior AV systems proposed to his long time girlfriend with some creativity, humor and just a bit of help from his Crestron system. 
Ilya takes it from here: 
I am a Crestron dealer out of Southern California , so I was lucky enough to have the kind of equipment available in our home to pull it off. We have a demonstration theater upstairs as well as a 12" video panel downstairs in the kitchen area. My girlfriend was celebrating her 33rd birthday at the house and it was a pretty large party (about 30 people orso) with a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" theme. Part of the event was watching that film in our theater. 

I put together the video well in advance and programmed the 8X in the theater and the TPS5K panel downstairs to run the show. The DVD player has a video feed into the downstairs panel so I could control and monitor without being in the room with them. Once I executed the code it stopped their movie and switched over to my video I prepared. I knew not everyone would want to watch the movie upstairs, so the rest of us all gathered downstairs around the panel and watched the same video unfold with the audio coming from the ceiling speakers courtesy of the PAD8. 
Once I popped the question and everyone went nuts, I paused the video and used another button that took the 8X in the theater out of standby, raised the lights and changed to the page with the marriage proposal question. I had live feedback for when she pressed YES on the panel which I could see downstairs, which then continued the video. After that it was pretty much getting our dog to run into the room in sync with when it happened in the video and then I walked in shortly afterward.