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Don’t Be Afraid of your Freedom

Crestron technology lets you teach more, fuss less. 

The modern classroom is all about engagement and interactivity, but how do you ensure that you spend more time teaching and less fussing with the technology?  By being free to move about the room and still be heard, free to reduce wasteful paper handouts, free to control your presentations as easily as a light switch and free to save money and energy without even thinking about it.

Crestron provides products and services to make your classroom time free from delays and technical interruptions.   Helping you manage the twenty first century classroom is why we are heading to FETC 2011  and TCEA. 

Throughout the week the blog will be spotlighting the products exhibited in booth  and posting photo to our flickr channel.  Feel free to stop back and see what's happening. 

More importantly we want to hear from you, stop by the booth or comment here on what the integration community can do to make your teaching experience better. 





Jinkies! Velma and the Influence of Artificial Light

Humans are terrible in the dark, truly awful actually.  We bump into things, see coat racks as murderers, fear every squeak, and knock.  The nocturnal animals must have thought us a good laugh, watching us stub our toes and crawl around on all fours with only the light of the moon to guide us. Without the aid of our artificial lights, we act like Velma from Scooby Do when she loses her glasses.

From the moment, our species took hold of fire we have been designing and refining ways to improve the power of our artificial light over the night.  The desire and need to chase away the darkness is one that has affected everything from population growth, rise of the middle class to technological revolutions.

Even now, in the 21st century, we are still trying to cope with the influence our networks of artificial light have on every nuance of our lives, from how we work to how we spend our free time and the energy required to maintain it.  The creation and harnessing of artificial light is a balance in control.  Too little light and we are unproductive, stumbling around ala Velma, too much light and we lose sight, literally, of our world.

We have been passing around Jane Brox’s fantastic book ‘Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light’ and discussing just what is too little or too much light.  Do we really need so many streetlights, how long has it been since you were able to see the Milky Way?  Just how do we get our kids to turn off the bathroom light when they are done?

What are your biggest questions or concerns with lighting control?  Is it all about management and cost savings? 

Have you considered just how much the way you interact with lighting and lighting control influences how and what you do?

And finally, what do you think of the German company selling incandescent bulbs as ‘Mini-Heaters’?


Couldn't Make CEDIA? Miss something? 

We know you all weren't able to travel down to Atlanta for CEDIA. And we know many of you who were there didn't get to see everything! Don't worry - we'll be continuing to post videos and photos throughout the week with looks at what was in our booth, our new products, and more. From the CEDIA EXPO 2010 Press Room on our own website to our very own YouTube channel, from our Flickr photostream to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, you'll find all the latest information.

So keep checking back for updates - and let us know what you'd like to see more of!


CEDIA EXPO 2010 - Thank You! A Recap

CEDIA EXPO 2010 was another successful show for Crestron. Throughout the show many of you made it a point to tell us that the Crestron booth was one of the only places to find anything new and worthwhile!  That’s a big statement considering that new products are the driving force to business growth and profit opportunities.  Check out the Crestron CEDIA EXPO 2010  Press Room to view video content shot by our booth Guru and take a look at the pictures on our Flickr account  to see the volume of people that came through our spectacular booth, experiencing our magnificent products  and engaging professional staff.  In addition to the great individual praise from you Crestron also earned a total of 11 product awards at this show.  

  1. Resi Best Control Interface Award for the TPMC-V15
  2. EXC!TE Award for the TPMC-V15
  3. EXC!TE Award for the PMC3
  4. CEPro BEST Award for the DM-MD32X32
  5. CEPro BEST Award for SONNEX
  6. CEPro BEST Award for Procise PSPHD
  7. CEPro Best Award for MC3
  8. CEPro Best Award for Fusion Viridian
  9. CEDIA Manufacturer Excellence Award for Best Horizon (Future Technology) Product for UFO-4ER
  10. CEDIA Manufacturer Excellence Award for Best Sustainability Product for Fusion Viridian
  11. CEDIA Manufacturer Excellence Award for Attendees Choice for Best Products for Procise PSPHD

It was a great show and a lot of fun!

Thank you for your participation and support. And continue checking our blog for the latest news from Crestron.

Vin Bruno
Director of Marketing